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Mr., Miss Huntingdon are Luke Cooper, Sadie Shands

MR., MISS HHS CHOSEN – In front are Mr. and Miss Huntingdon High School, seniors Luke Cooper and Sadie Shands. From left at top are candidates for Mr. and Miss Huntingdon High School that include Lexie Stevens, Hannah King, Lia Fuller and Kyleigh Carter, Keller Smith, Ty Kelley, Colton King and Landon Seay. Mr. and Miss HHS are chosen by their peers.


MVP Regional News Editor

Community members lined the lawn of the courthouse in downtown Huntingdon Friday afternoon to celebrate a long-standing tradition. Students of Huntingdon High School prepared for the final days of Homecoming Week last week. Floats themed after “Alice in Wonderland” and “Apollo 13” were only two examples of homecoming spirit displayed by classes of the high school. 

The parade route took the spirited floats, cheerleaders, football players and members of the Mustangs’ marching band to meet younger students of the elementary and middle schools before heading downtown to greet their fans.

HHS Principal Porsche McClerking rallied the community from the steps of the courthouse as cheerleaders provided “peps” and band members played loud and proud. As is tradition during Homecoming Week, Mr. and Miss Huntingdon High School were announced at the court square.

Candidates for Mr. Huntingdon High School were Luke Cooper, Ty Kelley, Colton King, Landon Seay and Keller Smith.

Candidates for Miss Huntingdon High School were Kyleigh Carter, Lia Fuller, Hannah King, Sadie Shands and Lexie Stevens.

Claiming the titles of Mr. and Miss HHS were Luke Cooper and Sadie Shands.

Cooper is a senior at HHS and member of the Huntingdon HHS Mustang football team, where he plays center. He is president of the school’s Science Club and member of FFA. His parents are Brooke and Leslie Cooper.

Shands is a senior at HHS and member of the Mustangs’ cheer squad. She has been a member of the school’s AB Club and Beta Club for four years. Shands is a Distinguished Scholar. Her parents are Roger and Tina Shands.

Another tradition was honored Friday afternoon as floats decorated by the classes at HHS were judged based on originality and school spirit.

Claiming Most Original was the float decorated by the junior class at HHS. 

The freshman class claimed Most School Spirit. Sophomores were the Most Creative and the Most Beautiful float title was earned by the HHS senior class. The seniors didn’t stop there. They claimed the Best Overall Winner award for their Homecoming parade float.

The week’s events concluded with the Mustangs football team taking on Houston County High School at home. The Mustangs were victorious, winning the game 61-26. For game highlights, see the Sports section of today’s edition.

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