Most Common Woodworking Projects

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Of the many hobbies that you might pursue, woodworking is one that can be gratifying and useful, as you can craft numerous objects that can come in handy around the house. Who knows? You may even start a business with your skills at some point. The room for constant improvement is also a facet that can thrill and motivate you. Polish your abilities and have fun with some of the most popular and common woodworking projects.

Coat Hook

A simple coat rack that you can stick on the wall is a relatively easy project to complete. Just cut a straight rectangular piece of wood and paint it your desired color or leave it as-is. Then, attach a few hooks of your choice in equal increments along its length. The tools and techniques you need won’t be too complicated, and you’ll have a convenient place to hang up jackets and hats whenever you walk through the front door.

Outdoor Chair

Another common piece that is perfect for woodworking is an outdoor chair. The specific style can vary depending on your own preferences. Perhaps you want to make a one-person lawn chair or a larger love seat. Either way, you’ll gain valuable experience learning to cut notches and interlocking the different pieces evenly. You can carve out designs to make it more interesting, as well. To get repeatable, smooth finishes, you might use a compact CNC router to aid you as you do this.


You don’t just have to make objects for other parts of the home, either. Creating a workbench can serve you well on future projects by giving you a sturdy surface to work on. At its core, the workbench is akin to a table, though you can add extra features, such as a place to store supplies underneath the main face and another for hanging up tools. Again, it’s a piece that isn’t going to be so intricate that you’re left feeling more frustrated than content as you build it.

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