Medical marijuana questionable

I received a message on my cell phone the other day concerning CBO gummies. The first notation in the message said: Shirley, have you ever inhaled marijuana to which I could give the quick answer of no. It went on to say that these new CBD gummies are a byproduct of weed.The message went on to give all the good things they do for you.

They relieve pain within 20 minutes of taking one. They relieve arthritis after a week.

But that wasn’t all. There were other good things they were guaranteed to help you with – like helping you to quit smoking and they promote REM sleep, whatever kind of sleep that is, One of its biggest and best qualities it said is the fact that it does not show up on drug tests and its 100 percent legal in the USA.

But the message concludes with these words, Supplies are nearly sold out this month. Get yours right now! Then it gave an e-mail to go to.

When you go to it, it tells about these two sisters who made the biggest deal in Shark Tank history as all Sharks teamed up to seed the company with a staggering $2.5 million.

Of course, there were people who gave their testimonies on how it has relieved the pain they are experiencing.

There is great controversy in legislatures across the country concerning the use of medical marijuana.

In fact, Rep. Tandy Darby talked about it when he spoke at the Chamber of Commerce Capitol Talk a couple of months ago.

He mentioned that his father was in great pain at one point a few years ago and no kind of medicine could be found that would stop it. He said he was for medical marijuana because of its ability to stop pain.

Anyway, I can’t say that I would never use it for pain if it was ordered by a doctor, but the pain would have to plenty great before I would resort to its use.

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