Meaningful Ways You Can Show Patriotism

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The place where you grow up or come to call your home shapes much of your life, even if you don’t immediately realize it. Now and then, it’s good to take a step back to appreciate the country you reside in and demonstrate this through your actions. As an American, there are many meaningful ways you can show patriotism. Read on to learn a few things you can do.

Buy American-Made Goods

Although many of the products lining the shelves of stores are produced in other countries, there are still countless smaller businesses that produce their goods locally. A meaningful way you can show patriotism while strengthening the economy of your area is to buy these American-made products when you can. The people who run and work for these businesses will be able to continue what they are doing as long as people buy their merchandise. You’ll often find that they have special characteristics or advantages that are lost in mass production as well, which is just an added benefit.

Support Veterans and Military

You can also show patriotism by supporting people who are currently serving in the military and those who have served in the past. This can range from donating to organizations that help veterans after they come home from active duty to building relationships with people who serve or have served in your community. You could also volunteer in a variety of roles for a veteran or military aid organization in your spare time.

Put Up a Flag

The simple act of putting up a flag in front of your home or business is a great way to reflect your patriotism. Put it up in a visible area either attached to your building’s structure or fly the flag from a flagpole to draw more attention to it. If you decide on the latter option, know how to choose the right flagpole for your location and budget. By flying the flag respectfully, you can display your respect for the nation. Always remember to hang the flag properly (blue field in the upper left, whether its hung horizontally or vertically), as having it upside down signals that you are in extreme danger, according to the US Flag Code.

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