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McKenzie School Board passes first reading to amend policies



McKenzie Special School District Board of Education members passed the first of two readings on amendments to the District’s Board of Education Policy Manual that included Virtual Education Program, Interscholastic Athletics, Alternative School Programs.

The Virtual Education Program is to be made available to students for the following purpose: Continuity of educational service when the district utilizes remote instruction due to dangerous or extreme weather conditions, a serous outbreak of illness affecting or endangering students or staff, or during the administration of end of course examinations or other examinations as allowed per state law.

The policy on Interscholastic Athletics addresses severe weather as an addition to this policy. Severe weather si any type of weather that could impede the safety of any athlete by compromising the p laying conditions of the interscholastic sport. All coaches who oversee or participate in outdoor training, practice, or competition shall annually complete a heat illness prevention course approved by the Tenn. Dept. of Health as well as receive training on activity modifications based on environmental conditions.

Concerning Alternative School Programs, the director of schools can send the student home instead of sending to alternative school. This is done on a case by case basis.

The 2022-2023 school calendar was adopted. However, Watkins said March 23 would be a regular school day. McKenzie schools were out in Dec. for the football championship game in Chattanooga and stockpile days do not allow any to be used for sporting events.

The approval of new math books for each grade was passed. Watkins said there would be samples of the books at the next board meeting.

The MHS Alumni Association were given the go ahead to use McKenzie Special School District’s name, logo, mottos and symbols.

Board Chairman LaShonda Williams gave an update on the director of school search that is to start in the position July 1. She said that two workshops have been held and the interview process has been discussed.The board is conducting the search themselves. Several candidates have applied. The interview process will start in March.

Watkins thanked the school board members for the work they do for the school system, noting that it was School Board Week.

Watkins noted that Hope  Powell had resigned and Lindsey Holt had been hired in her place.

Brittney Minor and Hayden Thomas were hired a substitute teachers for the 2022-2023 school year.

The agenda item to consider naming the football stadium the Wade Comer Stadium was taken off for this month and will be discussed at the March 7 meeting.

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