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McKenzie receives over $29,000 for School Safety Grant

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McKenzie Special School District Board of Education members amended the school district’s general fund by $33,100 for a Safe School Grant of $29,440 and a local match of $3,660 during the Oct. 1 meeting.

“It’s to improve school safety,” said Director of Schools Lynn Watkins. “It’s for School Resource Officers (SRO’s) and off duty officers. I’m glad the state is allowing us to use the money for these purposes.”

Other business during Oct. 1 meeting

Four persons were approved for the McKenzie Special School District Disciplinary Hearing Authority. They include SRO Nick Lowe, elementary school principal Tonya Brown, middle school principal Dorethea Royle and high school principal Kelly Spivey.

Members of the Disciplinary Hearing Authority are appointed to one-year terms and subject to reappointment as stated in Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority Policy 6.317.

The first of two required readings were passed on a Code of Behavior and Discipline Hearing policy.

Watkins noted the policy had been slightly changed and that a more common-sense approach was being used in dealing with discipline.

For instance, the policy says that codes of conduct for students in pre-kindergarten or kindergarten shall utilize alternative disciplinary practices such as consulting with parents, counseling, special assignments and alternative seating. Exclusionary discipline shall only be used as a measure of last resort.

A copy of the Code will be posted at each school and guidance counselors will be supplied copies for discussion with students. It will be referenced in all school handbooks. All teachers, administrative staff and parents will be provided copies of the Code.

As a housekeeping measure, board members passed the annual Report of School System/School Compliance for 2019-2020. The school district is in compliance with the state board rules, regulations, and minimum standards.

Watkins gave the director’s report. Tracie Baker has been hired as an educational assistant at the elementary school.

The following substitute teachers that included Kevin Beck, Kelly Henry and Courtney Travelstead have been hired.

It was noted that the girl’s golf team will be going to state.

Watkins said that the current enrollment in the school system is 1,221. 

The Nov. 5 board meeting has been cancelled. The next board meeting will be Dec. 3 at 5:30 p.m.

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