McKenzie purchasing new fire truck for $516,000

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McKenzie Council members voted to purchase a new fire truck at the June 9 council meeting. However,  the city won’t receive it for two years. It will be purchased from Sourcewell for $516,000. Four air packs will come with it.

A $100,000 in ARP funds will be used toward the purchase. The city has also been promised a discount if some of the price is paid in advance.

Fire Chief Brian Tucker said the city’s newest fire engine is 22 years old and the other two are 27 and 33 years old.

The price on such equipment is escalating, the fire chief noted.

“Greenfield got a new truck and the price went up $35,000 in a month,” said Tucker.

In other business related to the fire department, council members agreed that fire contracts for out-of-city calls would be raised to $100. Currently the annual fee is $85.

“The rate hasn’t been raised in five years,” said Tucker. 

If a homeowner doesn’t have a contract, the cost for a fire call outside the city limits is $1,500. Now the cost will be $2,500 plus a $100 to purchase the contract. Currently there are 260 paid contracts.

The increase would allow for the purchase of more equipment, Tucker said.

Fulltime city employees will be given a $2,000 bonus each that will come from ARP funds.

Mayor Jill Holland complimented the city employees on the job they did during the COVID pandemic.

”They risk their health when they dealt with the public,” she said.

Council members passed the first of two required readings on its 2022-2023 budget. The city is looking at a $3,477,672 budget with property taxes of $1.0097 in Carroll County, $1.0097 in Henry County and $1.0661 in Weakley County. The second reading will be held at the July meeting.

The second readings on Ordinances 545 and 546 passed.

Ordinance 545 amends the accessory buildings and uses section of the official zoning ordinance and Ordinance No. 546, in regard to R-1 (Low Density Residential) District concerns regulations controlling lot areas, lot widths, yards, and building height, the minimum required lot area, lot widths, yards and building height. The minimum required lot area for dwelling units is 10,000 square feet.

In other business, Joyce Hayes was appointed to the Planning Commission. Three library board members, Edward Sexton, Scott Armpirest, and Mike Host were appointed.

A pavilion at the splash pad will be built by Backyard Showcast to the tune of $8,468.67.

The fire department had 24 incidents during May and assisted Henry Fire Department in a fire that had a $25,000 loss. Police Chief Craig Moates said the police department had 1,212 calls for service in May.

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