McKenzie Police Reports

Child Abuse/Neglect

•Brenda Gibson, 31, of 15220 Highland Drive, Apt. 142 (the former McKenzie Inn) and her husband, Dustin Wayne Gibson, 26, with a listed address of Stallings Road, Dresden, were both charged by McKenzie police after their children were found across a busy highway at a local diner.

Mr. Gibson was charged with two counts of child abuse/neglect and possession of schedule VI and II drugs and drug paraphernalia. Mrs. Gibson was charged with possession. Officer Justin Brister was called to Bobby Gee’s Diner on South Main Street at 7:39 a.m. on August 12 regarding two toddlers inside the restaurant eating. The two had crossed U.S. 79 and were located on the parking lot of the diner when management had the unattended children brought into the restaurant for their personal safety. Both were almost hit by passing motorists. The owners provided breakfast, clothing and shelter to the two children and phoned McKenzie Police Department. The children were in dirty diapers and appeared to be unwashed, according to the police report. Officer Brister and Investigator Ryan White found the parents in the former McKenzie Inn. Mr. Gibson said he woke at 7 a.m. to feed the children and apparently went back to sleep. The two toddlers were inside the apartment at the time with the door locked, according to Gibson. When he woke, he did not find the children and went to the next apartment where his wife was staying.
The Department of Children’s Services was called to the scene. The apartment was photographed to reveal the living conditions of the toddlers and two other children. In the process, officials discovered multiple small plastic baggies with white residue. One bag contained a small of amount of crystallized substance that field-tested positive for methamphetamine and one bag contained marijuana. DCS agents indicated they would attempt to remove the children from the custody of the Gibsons.

License Violation

•Mark Hansen, 57, of Gleason was charged with driving on a suspended license-third offense on August 16. Officer Dalton Raspberry stopped Hansen’s vehicle for speeding and discovered the suspended status. The registration license tag on the vehicle was registered to his wife’s car.

License Violation

•Taylor Alicia Hicks, 19, of Carrollton, Kentucky was charged with driving on a suspended license after a traffic stop for speeding on August 14. Officer Jeremiah Brooks made the stop for driving 70 mph in a 40 mph zone. Hicks was cited into court.

Violation of Probation

•Jason Lynn Keen, 34, of Florida Court, McKenzie, was charged with violation of probation on August 14 on a warrant out of Carroll County. He also had a warrant from Weakley County for unspecified charges. He was cited into Carroll County and advised to contact Weakley County authorities concerning the warrant there.

Aggravated Assault

•Mariques E. Taylor, 42, of Stonewall Street, McKenzie, was charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault on August 12.

Officer Trey Boucher responded to the residence of Mr. Taylor and his girlfriend, who said Taylor struck her in the face and body, bit her, and put his hands over her mouth and nose. She said she hit Taylor as she was attempting to free herself from his grip. Taylor was located in Trezevant with her car. He was transported to Carroll County Jail and charged with theft of the car, domestic assault and aggravated assault.

License Violation

•Tadd Barkley Martin, 41, of Dyer was charged with driving on a suspended license, expired registration and violation of financial responsibility on August 11.

Officer Dalton Raspberry stopped the vehicle because the month sticker was missing from the registration tag. He discovered the vehicle’s registration was expired and the driver’s license was revoked. The driver admitted he had no liability insurance on the vehicle. He was to report in 10 days for booking.

Violation of Probation

•Travis Bruce Nunn, 23, of Cherrywood Avenue, McKenzie, was charged with violation of probation on August 10. Officer Dalton Rasberry charged Nunn with the probation violation after he reported to the police station. He was given 10 days to report for booking procedures.

Registration Violation

•Christopher William Copeland, 24, of Blooming Grove Road, McKenzie, was charged by Officer Dalton Raspberry on August 6. Copeland’s vehicle was stopped by Officer Raspberry because the vehicle did not have a registration plate. Copeland could not provide proof of insurance. The vehicle was towed to the impound lot.

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