McKenzie Police Reports

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Criminal Trespassing

•Austin D. Taylor, 28, of McClure Street, McKenzie, was charged with criminal trespassing after he was reportedly sleeping in a vacant home on Caldwell Street.

According to Officer Dalton Raspberry, the owner, Bobby Sneed, said no one was allowed in the home. “No trespassing” signs were around the house. On October 25, Officer Raspberry found a propane-style heater, mattress, various food items, battery-operated light, a candle and backpack inside the home. The officer detected the smell of marijuana and Taylor revealed a small amount of the illegal drug. Taylor was charged with criminal trespassing and transported to jail.

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Failure to Appear

•Charles D. Dunning, 36, of Elm Street, McKenzie, was charged with failure to appear on October 23 on Forrest Avenue.

Officer Kyle Beauchamp made the arrest after an off-duty officer observed Dunning at the residence and alerted the on-duty officers. 

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