McKenzie Police Reports

Assault, Kidnapping

•Carlos L. Milton, 35, and Brittany Hill, 29, both of Highland Drive, McKenzie, have been charged in an incident that occurred at an apartment neighboring theirs at the former McKenzie Inn.

Officer Justin Brister and Investigator Jasmine Powell were called to a residence in Gleason where an assault victim sought refuge after being assaulted at the former motel in McKenzie on September 15. According to the police report, Milton and Hill entered the apartment of Shannon Shell, 36, to confront her about her male friend, who was not there at the time. Milton allegedly first assaulted Shell while she was outside of her apartment. Shell went into her apartment with a female friend, and Milton kicked in the door and allegedly assaulted Shell again. Hill allegedly took Shell’s phone and read text messages from Shell’s male friend, who is reportedly in a rival gang to the gang Milton is in. Shell’s female friend unsuccessfully attempted to phone 911 during the altercation. Shell was able to get to the restroom, where she locked the door. Milton reportedly beat down the door, injuring Shell, breaking a metacarpal bone in her left hand from the blunt force. Milton and Hill left the residence about two hours after the initial assault. Milton and Lee allegedly took personal belongings of Shell’s, including her pet cat and a bag with Bibles and other books. Shell and her friend got in the friend’s truck and were able to flee to a Gleason residence. Police called for a Weakley County Ambulance to transport Shell. The officers interviewed Shell at Volunteer Hospital in Martin. She had multiple trauma to the face and body. Upon the arrest of Milton and Hill, officers discovered illegal drugs and paraphernalia in the apartment. Milton was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated burglary, domestic assault, kidnapping, interfering with an emergency call, theft, vandalism, possession of schedule II, prohibited weapon, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Hill was charged with aggravated burglary and theft.

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•Alana Bond, of Forrest Avenue, McKenzie, filed a report of her car being egged overnight while it was parked at her home. Officer Justin Brister filed the report on September 19.

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•Dana Marie Anderson, 33, of Birmingham Lane, McKenzie, was cited into court on a charge of theft after she reportedly took two checks from a Forrest Avenue residence.

Anderson reportedly attempted to cash both checks without permission of the owner. The incident occurred on September 16. The report was filed by Officer Jeff Winberry.

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