McKenzie Police Reports

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Burglary, Trespassing

•Terrance A. Butler, Jr., 30, of Elm Street, McKenzie, was charged with burglary, theft, and criminal trespassing on March 29 after he was reportedly residing in a vacant home without permission.

Officer Andy Weaver charged Butler after family members of the homeowner noticed a male exited the home. When he left the Elm Street residence, family members went in and discovered someone had been living there and also observed several packages that were addressed to other residences in the city. Officer Weaver stopped Butler as he was walking back to the house. Butler claimed he had a lease agreement, but when he entered the home to retrieve it, he could not find it. Officer Weaver talked to the owner, who said no one had permission to be in the home. Butler claimed he picked up the packages at other persons’ residences because he thought those belonged to him. Butler was transported to Carroll County Jail and placed under a bond of $5,000.

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•Roseanna Lee Nicks, 33, of Cottage Grove and Shannon Nicole Brock, 38, of Paw Paw Lane, McKenzie, were both charged with assault after an altercation between the two on at a residence on Walnut Lane.

Officer Kyle Beauchamp was called to the address on April 24. Both Nicks and Brock were at the residence to clean, and an altercation between the two occurred. Each individual wanted to press charges after the physical altercation. Both were cited into court.

• • •

License Violation

•Frederick Vonia Turner, 24, of Memphis was charged with speeding and driving on a suspended license on April 25.

Officer Kyle Beauchamp stopped a vehicle driven by Turner on Highway 79 for traveling 77 in a 40 mph zone. A check of the Turner’s license revealed a suspended status. Turner was cited into court. His vehicle was released to a licensed driver.

• • •

License Violation

•Formica Junior Milliken, 39, of Elm Street, McKenzie, was charged with driving on a suspended license for DUI- third offense on April 20.

Officer Dalton Raspberry observed Milliken driving a Jeep Cherokee on Euclid Avenue. The officer was aware of Milliken’s driving status and made a traffic stop. His vehicle was towed from the scene and Milliken was transported to Carroll County Jail.

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