McKenzie Police Reports

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Domestic Assault

•Michael A. Gilbert, 37, of Magnolia Avenue, McKenzie, was charged with domestic assault on March 3 after an incident at his home around 7:45 p.m.

Officer Mark Boaz reported that the McKenzie Police Department responded to the address to assist the ambulance service with an unresponsive patient. Officer Chance Townes and EMS personnel found Michael Gilbert slumped over the sofa. He was spitting and coughing and staring into the distance. His family convinced Gilbert to allow EMS to transport him. Once he was in the ambulance and strapped to the ambulance bed, Gilbert unbuckled himself and ran back towards the house, and he pushed his sister, Brandy Gilbert off the front porch. She landed on the sidewalk. EMS personnel evaluated her and indicated she was OK. The offense occurred in the Weakley County portion of McKenzie. Mr. Gilbert was arrested and transported to Weakley County Jail.

• • •

Public Intoxication

•Eric Perimeter, 31, of Oak Manor Road, McKenzie, was charged with public intoxication after he allegedly reported to work in an intoxicated condition.

Perimeter’s supervisor phoned MPD to report an intoxicated employee. MPD officers conducted several sobriety checks and then transported Perimeter to Henry County Jail since the incident occurred in the Henry County portion of McKenzie.

• • •

Assault, Criminal Trespass

•Clinton Dailey Hoard, 34, of Randle Street, McKenzie, was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and assault on March 4 after an 11:36 p.m. incident on Cherry Avenue.

The female occupant of the residence at the Cherry Avenue address indicated a man was standing in front of her house. He was hollering and started to approach her. She returned inside her home, where he attempted to follow her. She locked the doors and he banged on the windows and doors. The victim gave a description of the man. MPD found Hoard walking on Forest Avenue and made the arrest.  

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