McKenzie Police Reports

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Forced Entry

•The McKenzie Housing Authority reported someone forcefully gained entry on January 10 at 282 Park Circle in the federal housing complex.

Once officers entered the building, they discovered the adjacent apartment had also been entered. There was nothing missing from the apartment. It is believed someone entered to find a warm place to sleep.

• • •

Criminal Trespass, Evading

•Jennifer L. Jordan, 33, of Presson Road, McKenzie, was arrested for outstanding warrants in Gibson County on January 13.

Sergeant Trey Boucher and Patrolman Brandon Leek located Jordan at 17503 Highand Drive and arrested her for warrants on charges of criminal trespass, reckless driving, and evading arrest. She was transported to Carroll County Jail for Gibson County authorities to take custody.

• • •

Domestic Assault

•Maranda  N. Chunn, 30, of Maple Avenue, McKenzie, was charged with domestic assault on January 17.

According to a report by Officer Jeremiah Brooks, he went to the Chunn residence after a report of assault on her husband, Michael Chunn. Mr. Chunn had stayed at the Best Western overnight and went back to his house to get his belongings when he was reportedly assaulted by his wife. She said he also assaulted her, according to the police report. Mr. Chunn’s face had redness to indicate an assault. Mrs. Chunn was transported to Carroll County Jail.

• • •


•Formica Junior Milliken of Hamilton Street reported vandalism to his vehicle.

Officer Brandon Leek filed a report on January 13 indicating Milliken heard a loud noise, went outside and discovered his vehicle’s window had been shattered and a tire slashed. A brick, believed to be used to shatter the window, was found inside the vehicle. Police are seeking suspects in the case.

• • •

Simple Possession

•Marlena Alexis Flores, 27, of Main Street, McKenzie, and Katie N. Smith, 22, of Gleason were charged with simple possession on January 12 at a parking lot on Highland Drive. The accident was witnessed by off-duty officer Jeff Winberry.

According to a report by Officer Kyle Beauchamp, Katie Smith was backing from a parking space and hit a passing vehicle in the parking lot. When Officer Beauchamp arrived, he smelled marijuana smoke in Smith’s vehicle. She and her passenger, Flores, were charged after Flores handed Officer Davis a half-smoked marijuana cigarette. A glass jar containing a green leafy substance was located and a cannabis vape cartridge was found in the map pouch. Both subjects were transported to Carroll County Jail.

• • •

License, Registration, Insurance Violations

•Joshua Lunn Haynes, 30, of Barksdale Avenue, McKenzie, was charged with the listed offenses on January 11.

Officer Jeremiah Brooks witnessed Haynes pull into the path of a pickup truck, causing the driver of that truck to lock his brakes to avoid a collision. Haynes’ car was stopped downtown by Officer Brooks, who determined the suspended status (second offense), expired registration, and lack of insurance. Haynes was cited into Carroll County General Sessions Court.

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