McKenzie Police Reports

Impersonation, Intoxication

•Amanda N. Farlow, 33, of Walnut Circle, McKenzie, was charged with criminal impersonation and public intoxication on January 6 shortly after midnight.

Sgt. Trey Boucher responded to Walnut Circle to a report of someone lying in the road. When he arrived, he found Farlow standing beside the road. She admitted she was intoxicated and was “walking it off.” She was not wearing shoes, socks or a jacket. She initially told the officer her name was Amanda Sharkey. She was arrested for her safety and transported to Carroll County Jail.

• • •

Domestic Assault

•Stanley Joyner, 66, of Walnut Circle, McKenzie, was charged with domestic assault on January 9.

Officer Brandon Leek filed the charges after Joyner’s wife, Falicia, stated her husband struck her. The report indicates Mrs. Joyner had blood on her nose and hand. Mr. Joyner was transported to Carroll County Jail.

• • •

Violation of Probation

•Jannie Diana Leone, 54, of Kay Avenue, McKenzie, was arrested on an outstanding warrant for violation of probation.

Officer Trey Boucher received a message from off-duty officer Mark Boaz stating Leone was at a local store. Boucher transported her to Carroll County Jail.

• • •

License Violation, Speeding

•Lucinda A. Fendley, 45, of Newsome Street, McKenzie, was charged with driving on a suspended license and speeding on January 10.

Officer Justin Brister clocked a Chevrolet Cobalt traveling 60 in a 40 mile-per-hour zone and made the stop on Highland Drive. The driver was Fendley, whose license was suspended for failure to file insurance in Dickson County General Sessions. She was cited into court on the charge and also charged with speeding.

• • •

License Violation, Window Tint

•Christopher Edward Gregory, 50, of Gleason was charged with driving on a suspended license and illegal window tinting on January 10.

Investigator Justin Brister observed Gregory driving on South Highland and knew the driver’s license was suspended. The vehicle’s window tint was too dark. He was cited into General Sessions for a third offense of driving on suspended and window tint violation.

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