McKenzie Police Reports

License Violation

•Christopher William Copeland, 24, of Blooming Grove Road, McKenzie, was charged with driving on a revoked license on December 14.

Officer Cody Coleman saw Copeland operating a Ford Ranger truck on Highland and followed him to a convenience store where Copeland stopped. A computer check showed Copeland’s license was revoked due to a DUI conviction. The pickup truck was seized and Copeland was transported to jail.

• • •

Criminal Trespass

•Joshua Paul Schenk, 26, of McKenzie (listed as homeless) was charged with criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct, and possession of drug paraphernalia on the morning of December 17.

Sgt. Andy Weaver reported Schenk was sleeping on the porch of a residence on Elm Street. The resident said he advised Schenk to stay off his property. MPD found Schenk near a nearby convenience store. He went behind the store into an open grassy area and yelled profanities at the officers. He was arrested and charged as noted. Officers found a syringe with residue in his front pants’ pocket. Schenk admitted the syringe was used for illegal drugs. He was transported to Carroll County Jail.

• • •

Domestic Dispute

•Mary Michelle Horton, 45, and Calvin Loftis, Jr., 46, both of Walnut Circle, McKenzie, were involved in a domestic dispute on December 16.

The dispatcher related a knife was involved. Horton fled the scene before authorities arrived. There was an active warrant for her arrest out of Henry County. During the 911 call, the dispatcher heard a female at the residence say she was in fear for her life. After interviewing Loftis, officers chose to locate and interview Horton to determine if she was a victim or suspect.

• • •

Possible Burglary

•On December 14, officers of the MPD responded to a report of a side door being broken at an empty unit at the McKenzie Housing Authority.

Officer Dalton Raspberry and Lt. Ryan White entered and found nothing inside. There were no other signs of damage. 

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