McKenzie Police Reports

Theft of Vehicle, Burglary

•Terrance A. Butler, Jr., 30, of Memphis was charged with theft of a pickup truck and burglary on December 10.

Officer Jeff Winberry filed the report stating Water Department Superintendent Billy Wood reported a pickup stolen from the water department. It belonged to Jimmy Epley of Hanson, Kentucky. Officer Winberry saw the truck traveling on McDonald Avenue. It turned into the Housing Authority. The driver, Butler, was arrested for burglary and theft. The vehicle was released to its owner. Butler was transported to Carroll County Jail.

• • •

Drug Possession

•Two out-of-state men, one aged 19 and the other 20, were given a stern warning after they were detained and questioned while at a local eatery on December 10.

According to a report by Officer Kyle Beauchamp, he received a call from Patrolman Brooks about the smell of marijuana coming from an automobile close to where Brooks was working a hit-and-run incident on a parking lot at the eatery. Officer Beauchamp came to the scene and questioned the two men in the car. The officer found a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in the car. The drugs were seized and the two men were warned charges could be filed within a year if the two get in trouble with law enforcement.

• • •

Drug, License Violations

•Chaz Alize Adam Taylor, 24, of Alabama was charged with speeding and simple possession on December 7.

According to a report filed by Officer Brandon Leek, he stopped Taylor for driving 85 in a 45 mile per hour zone on State Route 22. The officer could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle and Taylor admitted the four individual bags of marijuana found in the vehicle were his. Taylor’s license was suspended in Alabama. He was booked into Carroll County Jail.

• • •

Criminal Trespassing

•Gina L. Alas, 37, of Magnolia Avenue, McKenzie, was charged with criminal trespassing on December 11 after she violated an order prohibiting her from being on McKenzie Housing Authority property.

Officer Justin Brister went to an apartment on Walnut Circle, in the Housing Authority, where he knocked on the door and saw Alas in her wheelchair in the kitchen. After interviewing her, she acknowledged she was banned from the facility but had no other place to go.

• • •

Failure to Appear

•Demarcus M. Robinson, 30, of Hamilton Street, McKenzie, was charged with failure to appear and transported to Carroll County Jail on December 11.

According to a report by Officer Justin Brister, MPD received a report at 8:36 a.m. that Robinson wanted to report his car as stolen. However, his car was in the city’s impound lot after it was abandoned the previous night after a hit-and-run accident. The night shift officers were interested in speaking with Robinson about the accident. After checking with dispatch, Officer Brister and Sergeant Andy Weaver learned of an outstanding warrant for failure to appear on Robinson. He was placed under arrest.

• • •

Theft of Gasoline

•Pocket’s Convenience Store reported an incident involving the theft of fuel on December 8.

According to the report, a gray or silver SUV, with the front end painted black and trim and rear bumper on the passenger side in disrepair, drove away without paying for $7.12 in fuel.  

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