McKenzie couple injured in Feb. 2 wreck

JONES VEHICLE – Glyn and Janis Jones of McKenzie were injured in a traffic accident Feb. 2 on I-40 near the Camden exit. This is their vehicle after being struck by two semi trucks, according to their daughter.

A McKenzie couple, Glyn and Janis Jones, were injured in a Feb. 2 wreck around 3 p.m. near the Camden exit on I-40 westbound, according to their daughter, Kim Pearson of Huntingdon.

She said they were struck by a semi truck from behind and then pushed into another semi truck after which their vehicle was spun around and struck several times.

Both were transported by ambulance to Jackson County General Hospital with Janis Jones transferred to Vanderbilt Trauma Center and Glyn Jones being taken to Nashville Skyline Hospital.

According to Pearson, her mother’s back is fractured in two places and she also has a broken leg in multiple places for which she has already had surgery. She had brain bleeds that are stable at this time, forehead lacerations and multiple bruises. She is still a patient at Vanderbilt.

Pearson said her father was released on Feb. 3  and is now at home recovering. He suffered multiple breaks in his left arm and is just generally beat up.

The newspaper was unable to obtain an official report by press time Monday.

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