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McKenzie Council deals with public nuisances and fireworks

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  McKenzie Council members passed the first of two required readings on two different ordinances that were amended regarding public nuances and fireworks at the Thursday night meeting. In addition, they agreed that a possible cell tower lease purchase through Landmark Dividend needed more study before a decision was made.

   The ordinance says a public nuisance is defined as any repetitive violation (more than three a month) of the Municipal Code or a single violation of the state’s public nuisance law as defined by state law, occurring at a business or residential property.

   Both the perpetrator and owner will be notified and given five days to abate the nuisance. If the said nuisance is not dealt with, the parties may be cited into Municipal Court and fined $50 a day until the situation is corrected. Also if a business, after a hearing upon the merits, loses their business license, then the city retains the option of proceeding in state court to obtain a temporary injunction to immediately padlock the premises if the conduct is egregious enough.

   The amended ordinance on fireworks says that permissible fireworks may only be sold on a seasonal basis from June 26 – July 5 and from Dec. 30 through Jan. 1. In addition, the fireworks may be fired, set off, shot, discharged or exploded on a seasonal basis from June 26 – July 5 and from Dec. 30 through Jan. 1. The fireworks can be shot until 10 p.m. except for Dec. 31 when the cutoff time will be 1 a.m.

  A representative from Landmark discussed the cell tower lease purchase through Zoom with council members. The lease agreement would cover a period of 35 years for TBD and Verizon that are located on the water tank at the Carroll County Airport.

  The offering by Landmark to the city is $260,000. TBD pays $6,084 annually and Verizon pays $1,322.50 monthly. Both companies have an escalation rate of 15 percent every five years.

Water and Sewer superintendent Billy Wood was concerned about possible damage to the water tank, but the Landmark representative said there would be none and there would be no more than Verizon and TBD contracts sold.

Council member Brian Winston pointed out that the lease over a 35-year contract would generate a substantial amount of money for the city.

   “Do we want the money to trickle in or a lump sum?” questioned Mayor Jill Holland.

Since no action was taken, the mayor appointed a committee of council members Winston, Jessie Townes and Jason Martin and Water Superintendent Wood to study the situation and report back to the council.

   In other business,

• The third reading on the 2020-2021 budget passed. Nothing changed on line items. The Henry and Carroll County’s new certified rates were not available when the budget passed on second reading in July. The Carroll County and Henry County rates are $1.0097 and Weakley County’s rate is $1.0827.

• City recorder Jennifer Waldrop reported that McKenzie’s debt obligation of General Obligation Refunding Capital Outlay Note of $388,650 has been refinanced at 1.9 percent. It will be paid off in 2026.

• The Fire Dept. responded to 38 incidents during September.

• The Police Department had 1,654 incidents during September.

Two permits granted by McKenzie Alcohol Board

    The McKenzie Alcohol Board granted two permits at the Thursday night meeting. It was noted that both businesses met the legal requirements for approval.

A new certificate for a Type B “On Premise” permit to Luke Rawls doing business as Rivals Sports Grill at 196 Cedar Street.

    Abdulmalek Qayed Alnajjar doing business as McKenzie Exxon Inc. 17525 Highland Drive.

    Beer Board chairman Jill Holland said both locations has had permits previously, but because there had been a change of ownership that new permits had to be applied for again.

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