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McKenzie completes annexation for Profile Metals

In a virtual meeting Feb. 11, McKenzie Council members remembered Carroll County Historian and Curator Jere Robinson Cox in a proclamation while finishing the annexation proposal for Profile Metals, a McKenzie industry, located in the Henry County portion of the city.

Mayor Jill Holland read the proclamation that honored Cox who served as curator of the Carroll County Gordon Browning Museum and Genealogical Library.

“Jere embraced McKenzie and Carroll County through his volunteer commitment and efforts to thoroughly research all that would enhance the museum and those using the museum and became known as the most skilled and proficient genealogist in the area,” Holland read from the proclamation.

“He was very skilled and helped people with their research,” said the mayor.

Prior to passing the ordinance that completed the annexation process that passed on the second and final reading to change the zoning to M-2 (Heavy Industrial), two public hearings were held.

No one spoke at the hearings on the plan of services which was approved and the amending of the zoning map to M-2. 

Department supervisors updated council members on within the city.

Fire Chief Brian Tucker said the department received 23 calls during January. There was one vehicle fire and several aircraft standbys, he said.

Parks and Recreation Supervisor Mike Beasley said preparation is beginning on preparing the fields for the upcoming baseball season and that mulch has been spread on Mulberry Park.

Public Works Supervisor Johnny Mercer said leaf trucks are still running while equipment is being serviced and trees are being cut. Codes Office Phillip Morrissett said cleanup at begun on the former Gaines and M.H. Brown buildings. Also he said the new owners of McKenzie Motel have begun a massive cleanup.

McKenzie Police Chief Craig Moates said the department received 1,391 calls during Jan. A new employee is in the process of being hired. Sanitation Superintendent Billy Wood said the sewer project is continuing on Magnolia, McTyiere and Bailey Streets.

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