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McKenzie awards paving bid to Martin Paving Co.

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McKenzie Council members had little business to take care of according to the agenda, but held a short workshop afterwards.

Martin Paving Co. of Medina was awarded the paving bid with the low price of $106.50 per ton. Arrow Paving Co. of Lexington submitted a bid of $110.50 per ton. Streets to be paved include Elm, Mulberry and Cherry.

The May 13 meeting will either be at city hall in the council room or at the theatre in person, Mayor Jill Holland advised council members.

“I am still waiting for the governor’s executive order, but the council will meet in person,” she said.

Department heads gave their usual monthly reports.

Chief Craig Moates said the police department had dealt with 1,296 calls during March. One employee is in the Police Academy with two others recently hired that will be attending the Academy as well.

Public Works supervisor Johnny Mercer his department has been patching pot holes, servicing equipment and trimming trees.

Fire chief Brian Tucker said the department has answered 23 calls and has started on building maintenance. The mayor complimented the department’s landscaping work around city hall.

Parks and Recreation supervisor Mike Beasley said baseball and softball is now in session at the City Recreation Park. Mowing is taking place with signs being replaced while painting at the barn is taking place. It was noted that the skate board park is being used more and more.

Water superintendent Billy Wood said he is fixing water leaks and sewer.

Codes enforce officer Philip Morripsett said he is citing people into court for violations and that city court has started meeting again.

Workshop discusses at large council and Residential Development Assistance Program

Mayor Jill Holland discussed two different items during the workshop session that followed the council meeting.

One was the Residential Development Assistance program and the other one dealt with going to an at large council and doing away with the ward system that is now used.

The Residential Development Assistance Program would provide incentives in the form of rebates to developers.

“It would be about any new subdivisions or new housing,” said Mayor Jill Holland. “We want to add to the economic value of McKenzie.”

The mayor added that the city needs to do incentives on subdivisions.

Concerning doing away with wards from which council members are chosen, the mayor noted that McKenzie is the only town in Carroll County that has wards.

“It’s been suggested that council members run at large and there be six,” said the mayor.

Dana Deem, who works with a state agency, said the ward system is a  part of the city’s charter and must be approved by the legislature.

City attorney Laura Keeton said the top six vote getters would be elected regardless of how many run for the council.

The terms would still be staggered just s they are now.

Council member Bobby Young said he would want to hear citizen input on it before an ordinance is devised.

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