McKenzie amending ordinance on lot structures

At the Jan. 9 meeting, the McKenzie City Council passed the first of two required readings on Ordinance 529 that amends the erection of more than one principal structure on a lot. Three different sections of the ordinance were amended.

Section 11-403 says only one principal structure shall be erected or situated housing a permitted or permissible principal use.

The language in Sections 11-601 and 11-602 was amended concerning the provisions governing residential districts for the R-1 (low density) and R-2 (medium density) districts. Further construction of duplex and apartment housing in those two districts is not permitted.

“The reason for the ordinance is because we have had trouble with this before,” said council member Charles Pruneau.

In addition, the city’s zoning map was approved. The zoning changes are centered in the area of the former Gaines Mfg. building and a section of Kencindot Street. The area was changed from heavy industrial to light industrial which will allow for commercial use.

No one spoke at a public hearing for the ADA transition plan that Jim Pillow completed. The city was found to be out of compliance on several items that make it handicap accessible.

Council members approved a budget for a playground park that will be located next to the splash pad. The grant amount is $60,000 with an in-kind match of $60,000.

Bids were opened for the tearing down of condemned properties. The four properties under consideration include 276 Elm St., 44 Linden St., 80 Paris St., and 924 Magnolia Ave. The owners of the property on Paris and Magnolia Streets decided they would do away with the structures themselves.

Joseph Foster and Anderson Construction bid on the Linden and Elm St. properties while the Peed Family Associates and DR & M Demolition bid on all four.

City Attorney Laura Keeton told the council that two of the bidders needed to redo their bids due to the change in the number of properties who had decided to do their own demolition.

A special committee of Public Works Supervisor Johnny Mercer, codes officer Phillip Morrissett, council member Jason Martin and Mayor Holland will meet Jan. 27 at 4 p.m. to award the bid.

During the meeting, Jennifer Fontana was appointed to serve on the library board.

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