March Madness

How many of you will admit when you first saw the title of this week’s column, you assumed I was going to write about college basketball? And while I thought about and have watched a lot of basketball over the last four days, this week’s column is not about the NCAA tournament. It would have been a good subject to share my thoughts on, but instead I chose to go in the direction that came to mind when I saw my own title.

I am only a part-time sports writer in the sense it is not my full-time job, although this time of the year it seems every night I am at a sporting event. For those that know me, there is no need to explain that I love going to games and taking pictures and following my alma mater from one arena of battle to another. Unfortunately, I am only one person and I’m starting to feel bad that I can’t be everywhere at once.

Last week there were 10 softball games played by the Huntingdon Fillies, and they are off to a great start by winning nine of those games – and the one they lost was in the last inning on a grand slam as they led 3-1 going to the bottom of the seventh. There were three baseball games, and the Mustangs went 1-2 to start the season. There were two soccer games, middle school baseball, at least one tennis match, and there was a track and field event at the high school.

I made it to two softball games, one baseball game and parts of the two soccer games, and it took a lot of effort to do that. So, you can see I also missed a lot of other activities, and I truly wished I could be at those others to take pictures of all these kids and post them so everyone can see. It’s just not possible, and that is why I thought of my own form of March Madness.

I still enjoy getting out, and although I will miss a lot, I also will do the very best I can with the time I have.

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