Huntingdon Town Council Meeting

Lori Nolen commended by Huntingdon Mayor, Council

The Dixie’s former Executive Director Lori Nolen was commended for her 12 years of serving in that position during the Sept. 22 meeting of the Huntingdon Town Council.

Council members also heard from Carroll County Prevention Coalition coordinator Khrystian Bynum concerning a program that will work toward educating businesses on how to keep from selling alcohol to underage patrons. Carroll County Chief Deputy David Bunn, who is a member of the Coalition, also spoke about the education program.

Mayor Dale Kelley presented Nolen with a plaque in appreciation of her work at The Dixie, noting that she was hired July 1, 2009.

“There are a lot of wonderful words that I could say about her tenure with the Town of Huntingdon,” said the mayor. “She took a lot of pride in her work. I commend her for her work and outstanding dedication.”

Nolen said she was thankful to council members for allowing her to be creative for 12 years. Besides her work at The Dixie, she talked the town into renovating the service station on the Court Square and turning it into a pottery studio.

“In doing that project, it taught her how to get things done better and quicker if you surround yourself with the right people,” she said. “I’ve loved every minute of it and I love this town.” She currently serves as a member of the county commission.

SPEAKING – Carroll County Coalition coordinator Khrystian Bynum (left) speaks at the Huntingdon Council meeting about the alcohol compliance program. At right is Mallorie Ellis who is an intern in the program.

Bynum told council members the Carroll County Prevention Coalition’s mission is to educate the public and prevent substance abuse in the county. The Coalition is funded by a state grant from the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.

“We were granted $1,000 specifically to begin compliance checks in our county in partnership with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department,” she said.  “The goal of compliance checks is to deter the illegal sale of alcohol to underage youth to reduce underage drinking by educating the business who fails a compliance check and ask for community support. The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department will issue a warning to a business if they fail the compliance check. The results of the compliance checks will be presented to the Beer Board. 

“We’re not trying to shut anyone down, but to make sure they are following the law,” said Bynum.

Bunn said businesses would not be charged, but it is an effort to help them follow the law so they don’t sell to anyone underage.

“It’s a way to educate the businesses,” he said.

MAKING A POINT – Carroll County Coalition member and Carroll County Chief Deputy David Bunn speaks at the Huntingdon Council meeting about the program to educate business owners about avoiding selling alcohol to underage young people.

New Business

Council members suspended the rules and then gave their consent to hire four temporary part-time firemen due to a shortage of personnel.

The mayor noted that three full-time employees are on sick leave and one employee will be on leave for approximately three months.

Vice Mayor Tim Tucker questioned how it would affect the budget. “It will be tight,” said town recorder Kim Carter.

Both Tucker and council member Nina Smothers ask if those filling the positions would be part-time only while the regular fulltime employees were gone.

“It will not be as much money as to fill with full time people,” said Director of Safety Walter Smothers.

In a vote of the council, the request from the police department to purchase one used 2017 Ford Explorer police vehicle from Missouri State Highway Patrol for $20,500 was authorized.

In another matter, BOOTERS soccer was given permission to use the soccer field at Kelley Sports Complex for practice.

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