Longtime Huntingdon bus driver honored 

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PRESENTATION – Huntingdon High School Athletic Director Clint Ezell (left) and Director of Schools Dr. Jonathan Kee (third) from left make presentations to 40-year bus driver Jackie Kirksey (second for left) and his wife, Jone (fourth from left). at the Feb. 8 ball game. Kirksey also received a jacket and two envelopes that contained cash.

A longtime bus driver for the Huntingdon Special School District was recognized Feb. 8 at halftime of the girl’s basketball game for his 40 years of service.

Huntingdon High School Athletic Director Clint Ezell and Huntingdon Special School District Director of Schools Dr. Jonathan Kee made several presentations to Jackie Kirksey and his wife, Jone.

“We’re going to honor somebody that has served our athletic teams for 40 years,” said Ezell. ‘He’s a constant rock that has been depended upon thousands of times. When our kids are with him, parents feel they are safe.”

Ezell pointed out that  honoring Kirksey  for his service didn’t mean he was retiring.

He was presented a navy jacket and his wife was given two envelopes that contained cash.

“All of us have had so many experiences with him,” said Kee.

Two thirds or more of Huntingdon’s side of spectators in the gym stood when Kee asked who had ever ridden his bus. Then Kee ask those who had children who rode his bus to stand which made it almost a 100 percent.

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