Local healthcare facilities restrict visitation amid coronavirus concerns

Nursing home and assisted living facilities in Carroll County have all implemented visitation restrictions to protect their residents against the disease, caronavirus, their administrators say.

All say they’re not fond of having to put the restrictions in place, but it is necessary because chances can’t be taken.

At Harmony Hill Assisted Living facility at 100 Jerry F. Atkins Lane in Huntingdon the stipulations were begun on Saturday.

According to administrator Adrienne Wade, all visitors are monitored with their temperatures taken with questionnaires having to be filled out. A couple of the questions include: “Have you been out of the state recently and have you been around anyone who has been sick?”

Residents can only leave if it’s a necessity, like for a doctor’s appointment.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” she said.

Huntingdon Health and Rehab administrator Allison Maxey says visitations are in place because coronavirus is killing the elderly and chances can’t be taken. The facility is located at 635 High Street.

“We are limiting visitation except in extreme cases such as if a resident is terminally ill or dying,” she said.

All staff members have to sign in every time they leave and their temperature taken,” she said. “The front door must be used with the codes being changed on all other entry doors.”

Residents are not permitted to leave unless its for a medical procedure like dialysis.

Life Care of Bruceton’s administrator Dareth Davis said visitation has been limited because residents are the top priority. The facility is located at 105 Rowland Ave.

“Visitors are being limited except those who are essential for the emotional and well being of our residents,” said Davis.

 Christian Care Center of McKenzie, located at 14510 Hwy. 79, screens all employees and vendors by taking their temperatures every time they come into the facility.

No visitation is allowed unless it’s a special circumstance, according to RN assistant director Bridgett Deaton.

“We just want to keep everyone safe,” she said.

Lakeside Senior Living, an assisted living facility, located at 390 Dr. Smith Lane in McKenzie is limiting visitation and has cancelled all functions.

“We have front door access for health care providers and medical providers,” said administrator Letha Basford. “They must ring the doorbell and we scan their temperature and if it is 100 degrees or above they can’t enter.”

The facility has a cell phone that visitors can talk with residents if a resident does not have a phone.

“We just have to limit exposure to our residents,” said Basford. “It’s difficult for residents and staff alike.”

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