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Living the good life

I believe I live in the most beautiful state in the most beautiful country in the whole world.

Some other places are situated in exotic locations with more breath-taking views of mountains or oceans. Those places are nice to visit and we have vacationed in some of them.

Tennessee has it all in my opinion. We have the mountains, hills, plains, rivers and beautiful lakes. We have the most friendly people in the U.S. and good neighbors who are on stand-by ready to help when needed but who also keep their distance at other times. They try to be the same way.

Tennessee is a business-friendly state. Gas prices, although increasing this year, are lower than most. Taxes are low. We do not have a state income tax and I sure hope that we never do.  Our roads are good, we have good schools and colleges and some of the best college sports programs with terrific fan bases and radio networks.

From the Mississippi to the Smokey Mountains and from Clarksville and Music City USA to beautiful Wayne County to the south live some of the finest people.

I often wonder how I was so fortunate to have been born in Tennessee and I thank my parents and God every day.

Tennessee is rightly called the “Volunteer State” and when disasters occur  our folks are quick and eager to lend a hand.

We speak southern, get along with each other, and do not try to impose our southern traditions on others. We “live and let live”.

Working in all three grand divisions of this state has been a good experience. We have always lived in either middle or west Tennessee. Our investments are in both middle and west and we believe not only in print journalism but also in our state.

Take a moment and thank a neighbor or a business owner for their hospitality. Then read about their achievements (and unfortunately also their misdeeds) in your local newspaper.

Life is better with a community newspaper.

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