Listen Out: Strange Car Noises and What They Mean

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Listen Out: Strange Car Noises and What They Mean

Always listen out for strange car noises while driving. An odd sound can imply an internal vehicle issue. To distinguish sounds and understand what they mean, follow this beneficial guide!

Squealing Sound From Brakes

Squealing (and sometimes loud grinding) noises from your brakes indicate worn-out brake pads. The sound comes from the calipers and rotors grinding together. With this problem, it’s critical to take your car to the mechanic ASAP! Brakes are essential to your vehicle, and worn-out pads are dangerous while driving. After all, you don’t want to risk hitting another car or causing accidents.

Whining From the Transmission

Did you know that a whining noise might indicate a failing transmission? Understandably, no vehicle owner wants to deal with a failing system. However, without a working unit, your car will overheat and eventually fail.

Pay attention to whining noises when your vehicle is in reverse and while you shift gears. Whining while in reverse implies a transmission fluid line clog. And noises while changing gears indicate a torque converter issue. Both problems require professional help.

Thudding From Your Tires

Thudding from your tires usually means that they have low air pressure. After hearing the noise, check the tire’s air pressure and make sure that they meet your vehicle’s recommended levels. If not, add air. You don’t want to drive on inadequate wheels for too long because it may lead to a tire blowout. That occurrence requires tire replacement.

Humming While Accelerating

Humming while accelerating is another strange car noise you should listen to. If you hear a low-pitched hum that gets louder while driving, it may indicate a wheel-bearing problem. However, many assume the noise is from the engine, as the hum can mimic the sound of an airplane taking off.

Check your RPM gauge to ensure it’s not an engine issue. When you accelerate, the gauge increases, and when you stop, the gauge drops. If the humming noise continues, it’s not from your engine. You should check the wheel bearings.

Ticking While the Vehicle Is Inactive

If you hear ticking while your car is inactive, this typically means that you’re low on oil. Schedule an appointment for an oil change soon. With low levels, your vehicle will run too hot and become less efficient. Don’t risk these issues when fresh oil can help!

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