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Lilly Kee surpasses 1,000 points for career

Coach David Wilkins presents Lilly Kee with basketball to commemorate scoring 1,000 points in her career.

By russellBUSH

 Huntingdon Fillies basketball have had several great players come along over the years and on January 24, 2023, junior Lilly Kee placed her name alongside the many great Fillies players. In the Fillies 74-50 win that night over Union City, Kee scored 26 points enabling her to surpass 1,000 points in her career at Huntingdon.

 Kee went on to scored 22 more points in the Fillies loss to Gibson County on Friday night and now has 1,033 points in her career. As a freshman Kee was still developing as a player and didn’t see an abundance of playing time and scored 54 points in that first varsity year. The improvement into the player she is now started in her sophomore year as she scored 511 points her sophomore year, which is a record for a Fillies player for a sophomore. This season, her junior season, Lilly has scored 467 points with four regular season games left and the district and region tournaments ahead.

 Kee is also a candidate for Miss Basketball in Class 2-AA.

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