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Writer should be quiet and help solve problem

Dear Editor,

  Trent Hampton was very harsh in his comments to “The Editor” aka Shirley Nanney in a recent letter to the editor.

  I lived in Memphis for many years until I retired and moved “back home” in 1999.  Even back then the Orange Mound area of Memphis was in a state of decay and with the crime rate Memphis is currently experiencing I’m certain it is much worse, 20 years later.   I was rarely in that area or even close as it was known to be dangerous, especially after dark. 

 Mrs. Nanney simply stated facts in her comments, as anyone who has been there can confirm.  So  why does Mr. Hampton find it necessary to condemn her and all of Carroll County?  Why did he feel it necessary to make disparaging remarks about everyone and everything in Carroll County? He says his grandmother told him “if I wasn’t doing anything to help solve the problem then I should be quiet”.  Then I think he missed an excellent opportunity to be quiet as I do not see how any of his comments help Orange Mound or Carroll County.    

Perhaps he could be of more help to Orange Mound by encouraging citizens to elect more responsible people to their school boards, county commission, Chamber of Commerce, electric board as well as numerous other boards/committees he mentions.  

Every person living in Carroll County has the right to be proud of all things Carroll County. That does not mean we don’t have things we could improve, but we are a far cry from Orange Mound.   There was a time when Memphis was rated one of the best cities in the country,  the cleanest, the best place to raise a family. 

Sadly those days are long gone as they now have a murder rate of over 300 to date for this year.  Perhaps if the Trent Hamptons of Memphis put more of their time and effort into improving Memphis it could once again claim those things.

Eileen Pritchard

Clarksburg, TN

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