Letter To Editor Writer sad about tree cutting

Today at Carrol County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake Headquarters they are cutting down several large trees. The Cedar tree near the homeplace, estimated to be approx. 130 years old, and the old Sycamore, which was decayed, were both taken down. Two other large trees, each beside the lake, are gone. I asked about the trees being cut and was told, “The trees were a danger to the house.” (One was badly damaged) However, I didn’t see any danger to the house from two other trees near the lakeshore.

 I asked if there were any plans to replace or plant additional trees and informed me of NO plans to provide shade around headquarters. My comment that senior citizens would enjoy trees did not receive a response. 

Later another TWRA employee said they plan to “thin out” the landscaping around the homeplace and add rocks to replace mulch. 

With all the problems in the world, this is a very minor issue, however I think trees would add beauty and provide comfort for visitors to the Lake. The tree crew was still there when I left, don’t know what else was done. Thanks for Listening.

Brenda Brown


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