Let the summer begin!

June got off to a hot start with not only some sunny days in the 90s but also some nice storms to give us a few bits of relief.

Sunday was not only Father’s Day but also the official start of the summer season and the longest day of daylight. It was, at 10:31 p.m. the summer solstice. From here on until about this time in December the daylight hours will be shorter.

That reminds me of the trip we took a couple of years ago to Alaska at this very time. Fairbanks put on a great Summer Solstice Festival and I have this tee shirt as a reminder.

What does summer mean to you and your family? It is typically a time of travel, pool time, some landscaping and gardening and visits to the local lakes for us. It is also a time for family get-togethers which are somehow becoming fewer and further apart.

COVID did a number on visits over the past year. Restrictions are lifting and I hear football stadiums will be open to full capacity this fall. Does this mean we are ‘back to normal’?

It would help if America can get back to work. It seems a majority of businesses have posted help wanted signs. Waiting times are restaurants are not because of full-capacity, but more because not enough workers can be rounded up.

At two restaurants we visited recently while travelling wait times were at least an hour. Although the restaurants were only at about 10 percent capacity we were told that the wait was because there were not enough servers. “No one wants to work,” we were told.

I wonder why? I think most people believe the shortage of workers is because of all the stimulus money put into a lot of pockets and the length of unemployment benefits related to COVID.

When people have money and think that more will be on the way, and that they can draw more from unemployment than from working then they possibly never think seriously about going back to work and losing all the free stuff.

I can’t say that I blame them.

We have to put people back to work again. It is the American way. People need a reason to get up in the mornings and do something constructive.

With summer officially here, many employers are looking for at least temporary seasonal work. There are jobs. When people go back to work and earn the dollars they receive then they normally feel much better about themselves.

Be safe this summer and spend as much time with biological family and church family as possible. That’s what’s important.

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