Lawsuit could be filed

In an 18-2 vote Monday night, county commissioners passed a resolution that limits an allocation of future growth revenue tax money to $50,000 annually through April 2031 to the Carroll County Watershed Authority. The funds are to pay on the indebtedness of the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake.

Through a resolution on July 1, 2008, the Carroll County Legislative Body pledged to the Watershed Authority future growth revenue, to be issued for the construction of the proposed Lake, to be generated by property taxes on new homes, businesses, and appreciated land values in the proposed lake growth area above the current appraised valuation or assessment for the county for the tax year 2008. The money was applied to the indebtedness incurred for the construction and development of the lake.At the time there was no monetary cap of future growth revenue to be paid to the Watershed Authority.

The lake, which was proposed by now Mayor Dale Kelley took over 30 years before coming to fruition.

Commissioner Barry Mac Murphy attempted to delay the resolution by making a motion to table the resolution. However, only he and commissioners Lori Nolen, who seconded the motion, and Vince Taylor voted for that motion that failed.

Murphy said he has attended both budget and resolution committee meetings, but has yet to hear discussion on it.

“It concerns me deeply because the county commission entered into a contract with the Watershed Authority,” he said. “It’s a binding contract and it will initiate a lawsuit.”

He said he thought it would be beneficial for a discussion since there are new members on the commission who may not understand it.

“There are so many questions that has to be answered,” he said.”There needs to be some calculations done on the tax.”

“This puts my constituents in Huntingdon in harm’s way,” he said.

Commissioner Darrell Ridgely, who had the resolution drawn up, said the taxpayer has no say in the matter and he has a lot of questions as well.

Murphy said he would like to see figures on improvements made at the lake.

In voting on the original resolution, only Nolen and Murphy voted no.

Kelley, who serves as treasurer on the Watershed Authority, said in a phone conversation after the meeting that he would not reveal at this time any steps that might be taken by the Watershed Authority.

“But I won’t take this sitting down,” he said.

In other business commissioners:

* Heard from TJ Gladwell, director of the Carl Perkins Center of Carroll County, who thanked commissioners for their support for the center and passed out blue lightbulbs in recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month.

• Appointed Willie Huffman to the Carroll County Industrial Development Board until April 2025.

• Appointed Lana Suite to the Carroll County Industrial Development Board until April 2025.

• Appointed Linda Meek to the Carroll County Agricultural Extension Board until Jan. 2024.

• Granted Roger Jackson in District Two $100 charity.

• Appointed the following notaries who are Louanne Blackketter, Lydia Chadwick, Jennifer Leigh Grice, Peggy Hopper, Gloria D. Huffman, Kristin Ivory, Donna Jackson, Linda B. Martin, Cindy McMinn, Donna M. Pinkley, April Prichard, Geneva L. Rumley , Debora S. Wilkinson, and Tanya Wilson.

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