Last sign of summer

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It was like throwing in the towel. Normally we leave our backyard pool open through October. With all the COVID-19 stuff going on, and looking at the weather forecast for the next 10 days, Lisa and I agreed it was time to go ahead and close the pool.

Closing a pool is a little more complicated than it what it looks like at first glance.

First I got as many of the leaves and left over storm debris out that I had the energy for. It is mostly clear and the water looked great. With any luck it will still look great when we reopen it next May, sometime after pollen season stops pounding everything with a layer of green.

Water was drained down past the skimmers and plumbing joints loosened and water drained from the pumps.

We got a surprise when we unfolded the pool cover and rolled it out to stretch back over the pool. Some varmint I assumed chewed two holes in the material. Luckily the holes were where the cover overlapped the pool deck and patching should not be a real problem.

With the pool closed it is full speed ahead for fall.

I hate to say, but somehow I feel like getting this year over with as soon as possible. The best holidays of the year are coming up and still no real relief from the virus.

Will it ever go away? Who knows?

Maybe the mask mandates will be lifted soon and the virus will disappear as fast as it came,

Stay tuned to this community newspaper for regular updates.

And remember, life is better with a newspaper.

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