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Lake resolution passage gives developer right to build

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Carroll County Commissioners passed a resolution 13-7 at the Sept. 12 meeting that will give Seattle, Washington developer Al Jackson the right to develop what appears to be a “small town” on Humphrey’s Road, west of Huntingdon. The resolution amends the text of the Carroll County Zoning Resolution to create L-1A (Lake Low-Medium Density Residential) Districts and L-3 (Lake Agriculture-Residential) Zoning Districts, to revise provisions for L-2 (Lake Low-Medium Density Residential) Districts,and to adopt a Revised Zoning Map for the Carroll County Lake Planned Growth Area.

Prior to the County Legislative Body meeting a public hearing on the resolution was held with planner Donny Bunton making remarks about the resolution and what would be allowed in each zone.

It mostly loosened the restrictions on what could be built in each of the zones.

Commissioner Walter Smothers said he had been contacted by a number of people who wanted the former zoning to stay in place.

Commissioner Cyril Ostiguy also mentioned that he had heard from people who were concerned about the zoning resolution.

Jackson is proposing drug rehab facility to be placed there among other things such as a music venue, and businesses.

Commissioners Darrell Ridgely and Jay Phipps said they believed that a landowner should be able to use their land for whatever purpose they wanted.

Citizen Michael Boggs made it plain to Jackson that he was totally against the development.

“We don’t want you here,” he said. Your are disrupting our way of life.”

The Lake Planning Commission that governs the usages in the lake area had passed the zoning resolution earlier, but it had to pass at the County Legislative Body meeting as well.

Jackson, who said he was once an alcoholic, was led to this area to build a 

Voting for the rezoning were: Darrell Ridgely, Jimmy Halford, Lana Suite, Daniel Willman, Larry Spencer, Joey Simmons, Lin Smith, Barry Mac Murphy, Joey Darnall, Jimmy McClure, Dr. Jay Phipps, John Austin and Spiridon Riditis. Voting against the change were Randy Long, Daniel Thomas, Cyril Ostiguy, Philip Moore, Walter Smothers, Willie Huffman and Jason Martin.                                          

In other business, commissioners:

• Selected County Mayor Joseph Butler as chairman of the Carroll County Legislative Body and Darrell Ridgely chairman protempore of the Legislative Body.

• Elected Kathie Abbott, Kelly R . Fahy, Jeanene Jones, Candace Lowe, Debra Reeves, Nathan Smothers and Tammie R. Utley as notaries.

• Approved monthly reports

* Passed a resolution to reappoint Lori Nolen to the Carroll County Electric Department Board with the term ending August 2026.

• Authorized the retention of service weapons upon retirement of Becky Keith and David Bunn from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. Public Information Officer  Keith retired June 30 and Chief Deputy Bunn retired August 31. Keith has 32 years of service while Bunn has 35 years of service.Keith was hired on Sept. 15, 1990 as civil process and dispatch and served as a road deputy in 1992. She graduated from the Police Academy in 1992 and promoted to sergeant in 1994 and served as criminal investigator until recently when she was named Public Information Officer. 

Bunn was hired as a reserve deputyon part-time duty in Feb.1987 and started as a full-time deputy in Sept., 1990. He was promoted to investigator in Jan., 1994 and has served as chief deputy since July, 2016.

• Passed a resolution to opt out of statewide Building Code Standards for one-family and two-family dwellings in Carroll County.

• Passed a resolution that pledges $130,000 of American Rescue Plan Funds for maintenance and repair of the courthouse.

• Passed a resolution authorizing submission of an application for a Capital Outlay Loan with Tenn. Municipal Bond Fund for $268,000 for two International Custom dump trucks for the Highway Department.

• Passed a resolution to allocate American Rescue P lan Acts Funds to transfer Municipalities and utility districts within Carroll County in the State Dept. of Environment and Conservation Water Infrastructure Investment Program.

Receiving the funds will be Huntingdon, $140,000; McKenzie, $145,000; Bruceton, $155,000; Trezevant, $235,000; Atwood, $145,000; McLemoresville, $266,903.47; Hollow Rock, $54,966.88; Clarksburg, $76,553.67; South Carroll Utility District, $260,869.57; Cedar Grove Utility District, $2,128,181.82; Carroll County Administration fee, $  96,036.36.

Legislative Body Committees

  The Carroll County Legislative Body Committees were acknowledged during the Sept. 12 meeting.

 Budget Committee members are Darrell Ridgely, chairman; John Austin, Secretary; Manuel Crossno; Willie Huffman; and Lana Suite.

Tax Rate Committee members are Barry Mac Murphy, chairman; Lana Suite, secretary; Daniel Thomas, Philip Moore and Cyril Ostiguy.

Law Enforcement Committee members are Jimmy McClure, chairman; Walter Smothers, secretary; Joey Darnall; Dan Willman; and Spiridon Roditis.

Delinquent Tax Committee members areJimmy McClure, chairman; Jay Phipps, secretary; Lin Smith; Jason Martin and Barry Mac Murphy.

Civic Center Committee members are Joey Darnall, chairman; Barry Mac Murphy, secretary; Joey Simmons, Lin Smith and Jason Martin.

Insurance Committee members are John Austin, chairman; Larry Spencer, secretary; Cyril Ostiguy; Jimmy Halford and Walter Smothers.

Purchasing Committee members are Barry Mac Murphy, chairman; Paula Bolen, secretary; Darlene Kirk; Lana Suite; Darrell Ridgely and Jay Phipps.

Highway Committee members are Randy Long, chairman; Paula Anderson, Secretary; Philip Moore, Darrell Ridgely; Daniel Thomas, Joey Simmons and John Austin.

Beer Board Committee members are Jay Phipps, chairman; Larry Spencer, secretary; Jason Martin; Walter Smothers; and Daniel Thomas.

Rules Committee members are Randy Long, chairman; Jimmy Halford, secretary; Cyril Ostiguy; Spiridon Rodiitis; and Jimmy McClure.

Solid Waste Committee members are John Austin, chairman; Jay  Phipps, secretary; Jimmy Halford, Daniel Willman and Joey Darnall.

Personnel Committee members are Manuel Crossno, chairman; Randy Long, secretary; Willie Huffman, Walter Smothers and Dan Willman.

Properties Committee members are Willie Huffman, chairman; Darrell Ridgely, secretary; Randy Long; Lin Smith; and Joey Simmons.

Rural Fire Committee members are Lana Suite, chairman; Jimmy McClure, secretary; Philip Moore, Daniel Thomas and Jimmy Halford.

Resolutions Committee members  are Larry Spencer, chairman; Manuel Crossno, secretary; Joey Darnall; Spiridon Roditis and Dan Willman.

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