Lake Regional Planning Commission elects officers

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In a brief meeting of the Lake Regional Planning Commission on April 27, new officers were elected for the upcoming year.

Elected as chairman was John Austin, who will preside over the meetings. Chosen as vice-chairman was Casey Maddox and as secretary, Rita Jones.

Billy Smith, the former chairman, resigned recently due to health reasons.

During the remainder of the meeting, Community Planner Donny Bunton, updated commission members on current state legislation that could affect the lake.

The Tennessee chapter of the American Planning Association was the primary source of information used for the discussion.

Burton voiced concern over the Planning, Public bill (SB 0682)that has already passed and been signed by the governor.

The bill gives a developer the ability to transfer to negotiate to transfer, but not transfer the title to the lot before the plat is given final approval and recorded. This may be goof for the developer, but not the buyer. Of course, after the subject lot is sold but before the plat is recorded, changes can be made that affect the lot.

He said a bill (SB 0988) that hasn’t passed, but is being considered, could affect every city and county. The bill requires that subdivision regulations be posted on a city’s web site even though they are a public document and always available at the front desk. Such regulations can be many pages long, so this may increase costs to the city and county.

The next meeting of the Lake Regional Planning Commission is May 25 at 1 p.m.

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