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Lake Planning Commission resolves Crossno’s accessory building dilemma

The Lake Planning Commission has been trying to resolve a matter for two months that involves Kevin Crossno, who wants to build an accessory building on his property.

Crossno resides at 1357 Baker Road near the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational  Lake and comes under the lake’s zoning regulations.

At the Dec. 14 meeting, the issue was resolved with a suggestion made by Carroll County Property Assessor Rita Jones who is a member of the Planning Commission.

Crossno wants to build a 2,400 square foot accessory building on his property on the same lot on which his house sets. He was was not allowed to build the structure due to the requirement that it cannot be larger than two thirds the size of the principal structure on the property in a L-2 (Lake Low-Medium Density Residential) zone. Crossno’s house is listed as being 1,664 square feet.

Planning Commission members begin to think along the lines of the regulations in the L-2 zone as being too restrictive.

“”We need to look at restrictions on the L-2 zone,” said Commission member Tony Tucker.

Commission Chairman John Austin said the accessory building situation doesn’t have an impact on the lake anyway.

Staff Planner Donny Bunton said he has researched other zoning regulations for alternative ways to regulate the size of accessory structures.

“Most of the communities in West Tennessee regular the size of such a structures by saying that they can be no larger than 30 percent of the required rear yard,” he said. “This regulation necessitates a rear setback requirement which Carroll County doesn’t  have.”

Crossno said he expects to use the accessory building for vehicles, storage and tractors.

When he used the word, “tractors”, Jones spoke up and said there was definitely a way to take care of the situation. His lot on which his house sits is 1.6 acres, plus he owns two farms that are 107 and 19 acres.

“He can combine all three properties into one deed for tax purposes for agriculture use and that would take care of the matter,” said Jones.

Immediately following the meeting Crossno made the deed change in Jones’ office. He says that he has a contractor that can start to work immediately after a two month’s wait.

In another Lake Planning Commission matter, members agreed to accept revised road improvements on proposed subdivision regulations amendment to revise road improvement standards to correlate with newly adopted County Road Standards. The County Commission recently adopted new road standards, which must be met before new roads are added to the county road system.

During the last Planning Commission meeting, the proposal was discussed which would require four inches of asphalt for new roads and increase the minimum pavement width for through residential streets from 22 feet to 28 feet. As for the asphalt requirement, the developer would have the option of providing either: a 4 inch in depth wearing surface or 2 inch in depth binder surface, coupled with a 2 inch in depth wearing surface.

A question arose during the last meeting about whether the binder surface option would qualify as “hot mix” and thereby meet the county’s newly adopted standards. Bunton said he talked with one of the county road supervisors who confirmed that a binder surface is considered hot mix.

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