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Lake Planning Commission grants plat approval

The Carroll County Lake Planning Commission approved a plat that would split a 3.67 acre lot from a parent tract of 135 acres owned by Beth B. Plummer. This action took place at the Feb. 22 meeting.

The lot will be acquired by Gary and Kim Reed who own adjacent property at 3900 Eskew Road. They want the property so they can have a driveway.

The only problem that concerned staff planner Donny Bunton pertained to the Reeds’ driveway of 25 feet in width. The existing easement should be shown on the plat as 50 feet in width.

The approval is dependent upon combining the two lots.

Discussion was held on a proposal to revise L-2 zoning district provisions(Lake Low-Medium Density Residential) districts.

Bunton drafted a proposal to eliminate the size restrictions on accessory uses/structures to allow for travel trailers/RV’s/tents for only campgrounds without all of the current criteria and to take out any other regulations which may not be necessary.

Discussion will continue at the meeting on March 22 at 1 p.m.

Board member Brad Hurley said he would like for a buffer zone to be included.

Lake Zoning Board of Appeals

takes action on two proposals

The Board of Zoning Appeals for the Carroll County Lake acted on two proposals during the Feb. 22 Lake Planning Commission meeting. One was approved while the other one was turned down.

Board members acted on the advice of Staff Planner Donny Bunton on both proposals.

Paul and Laura Clifft’s request at was approved after the couple decided to expand the residential living area of a building they own at 1215 Reedy Creek Road.

Bunton said the property is zoned L-1. The apartment is approximately 595 square feet in size, while the boat storage space is approximately 1,225 square feet in size. The structure did not comply with a zoning provision which states accessory uses cannot be larger than two thirds the size of the principal use (single family residential) of the property. However, this structure is considered to be “non-conforming” because it was constructed before the above-mentioned provision which addresses the size of accessory uses.

Earlier in the month, Paul Clifft contacted Bunton and the zoning compliance officer with plans to add “storage space” to the existing structure. However, this type of expansion would not have complied with the provisions of the L-1 zoning district. More recently, he has contacted the staff planner with plans to expand the residential living space to approximately 2,075 square feet with no plans to expand the storage space.

“Mr. Clifft’s proposal to expand the residential living area at this property would bring the structure into conformity with the provisions of the L-1 zoning district,” said Bunton. “I recommend the residential expansion as proposed.”

A use on appeal/variance request by Jesse Bradley who ask to place an ice vending machine on property on Boyd’s Landing Road, east of the entrance to the lake’s visitor’s center, was turned down.

 Bunton said two of the required criteria for retail uses in L-1 districts was not met by this proposal. First, a minimum lot size for retail uses is an established two acres. This property is only .26 acres in size. Also, a retail use cannot be located within 500 feet of a school, church or residence. There is a house only 345 feet away.

Surveyor Andrew Stokes who spoke on behalf of Bradley said his client wants to serve the public and the ice machine won’t create anymore traffic.

“He thought it would help the people at the lake,” said Stokes. “They wouldn’t have to leave the lake to get ice.”

Board chairman John Austin said there were too many issues on the proposal to grant it.

Board member Casey Maddox was in agreement with Austin.

“I like the idea but I don’t think it works,” she said.

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