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Lake Commission amends proposals on special meeting requests

At the March 23 Carroll County Lake Planning Commission meeting two proposed by-law amendments concerning property around the Carroll County 1,000 Acre Recreational Lake were adopted and an update on the Clyde and Suzanne Freeman property was given.

According to Planner Donny Bunton, the first amendment states that special meetings would only be called in extraordinary circumstances. The second amendment calls for the adoption of a schedule of meetings and submission of deadlines during the first calendar meeting of each year.

These amendments were deemed necessary by the commissioners after subdivision developers began calling for special meetings to make changes in plats.

Burton discussed  the Freeman property concerning compliance on zoning regulations.

 At a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting on Aug. 25 of last year, approval was given on the Freeman property to applicant Tammy Stilke to allow occupancy in an existing dwelling at 398 Baker Road while a manufactured home was being installed. The Zoning Resolution generally says that only one principle structure may be located on a property. The dwelling was to then be demolished in a timely manner. It was required as the condition of approval that the demolition contract for the dwelling be provided to the zoning compliance officer prior to a certificate of occupancy being issued.

Zoning officer Jeff Heyduck said the house had been torn down and the manufactured home installed.

The next meeting will be April 27 at 1 p.m.

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