Jobs That Don’t Require a High School Degree

People don’t finish high school for various reasons. The reason why isn’t important. What’s important is finding meaningful work that you can support yourself with. There are good jobs available that don’t require a high school degree. The world changes fast, and experience and abilities hold more value more now than ever before. Education is still valuable and important to enrich your life, but there’s hope for those that don’t want it or can’t afford it.

Forklift Driver

Warehouse workers and forklift drivers make a good living. After getting the job with the company, they will sponsor your forklift training and you will be certified. Most major companies have distribution warehouses that fill orders. Getting a job with a major company means better than average benefits, too.


This is an umbrella term for many trades. You can be a carpenter, plumber, electrician, or laborer without a high school diploma. Be prepared to work though, as these aren’t easy jobs. You will also need some aptitude and knowledge of various tools.

Restaurant Industry

Think beyond fast food. Many fine dining restaurants can provide a living wage, and sometimes, even more than that. Being a waiter or bartender in upscale restaurants means big tips. If you’re better suited for the back of house, cooks and chefs make a decent living, and you can learn more on the job.

Web Developer/Computer Programmer

You read that right. For web developers and programmers, the portfolio speaks louder than the resume. If you know how to code, or can learn how, start building your portfolio of work. Then, get it in front of recruiters and hiring managers. The tech world will continue to boom, and there’s money to make there.

Graphic Designer/Artist

The creative world is the same as the tech world. What you can create is more important than what kind of diploma or degree you have. If you have a certain talent or a creative mind, you can obtain work in this field. You can also explore the freelance world. Do side work until you can build up your portfolio.


When you get tired of looking for jobs that you don’t really want, make your own. Start your own business, and make your own money. Starting your own company comes with no education requirements; you just need the drive to do it. Think about what you know how to do, and what you have a passion for—now do it for a living. If you find out how to monetize your skills, you’ll never be out of work.

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