J.P. Hill sentenced to 35 years in elder assault

 The Office of the District Attorney General, Matthew F. Stowe, announces that a plea agreement has been reached in the 2017 violent home invasion and elder assault case in Carroll County.  James P. Hill, 40, of New Johnsonville, was arrested, along with 29-year-old Dakota Baggett of Waverly, for the June 19, 2017 horrific home invasion and brutal beating of an elderly Carroll County woman.  The victim, Dalphy Ross, 96, subsequently died four months later of injuries sustained in the attack by Baggett.

Hill pled guilty to three felony counts in Carroll County Circuit Court with Judge Donald Parish presiding.  The charges include: Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Burglary, for which he was given a sentence of 4 years as a Range 2 felon; EspeciallyAggravated Robbery, for which he was given a sentence of 35 years and 8 months as a Range 2 felon; andTheft of Property, valued at $1,000 or less. 

“I am pleased with the resolution of Mr. Hill’s case,” states District Attorney Matthew Stowe.  “This defendant has proven through this and other criminal acts throughout our area that he has no intention of living in a lawful manner.  His punishment of 35 years 8 months is appropriate for the terror he helped to inflict on the victim.”

These three sentences will run concurrent resulting in a total sentence of 35 Years 8 months to be served at 100%. The agreement stipulates that any jail credit programs may not reduce sentence less than 85% or 30 years. 

“This case is significantly despicable due to the violent treatment of an elderly lady,” states ADA James B. Webb, chief prosecutor for Carroll County.  “Mr. Hill’s career of crime has come to an end.”

The codefendant, Baggett, is currently facing numerous charges for his vicious attack, including First Degree Murder.   The State has filed a notice of intention to seek Life Without thePossibility of Parole against  Baggett for his crimes.

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