It’s All About Character

“It’s the economy, stupid” was a phrase coined by James Carville during the 1992 presidential election. It has been quoted and paraphrased numerous times over the years. I’m sure I’m not the first to see that it could be changed to “It’s about character, stupid to describe the essence of the current election.

In my opinion ending Donald Trump’s tenure is a more urgent need than any other political issues or policies in question. With even a small measure of leadership, sanity and common sense those other problems can be dealt with later.

I admit I disagree quite strongly with some of the positions and leanings of the Democratic Party, but in this case I am willing to compromise. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I voted for the Republican ticket in thirteen of the last fifteen presidential elections. With minimal research you could discover I was on the losing side eight of those fifteen times. But prior to 2016 I retained full respect for the winning candidate. I would have willingly stood and saluted any one of them.

There is not enough space and no need to list all the reasons Trump is incapable of leading this country, and narrowing the divide that exists. You already know all of that. So please give serious thought to who you think has the common sense and type of character you want in the highest office in the country. And in any case please exercise your right to vote. It may be said that in Tennessee voting for anyone other than a Republican is a wasted vote. It is my contention there is no such thing as a wasted vote—unless it’s a vote not cast.

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