Industries That Are Making the Switch to Automation

Automation has been slowly revolutionizing every industry, and as technology continues to develop, it will only become a more viable option. Soon, it will be everywhere, and various industries are already taking the first step toward embracing it. Read on to learn more about the industries switching to automation and leading the way toward the future.

Health and Medicine

The medical field has been one of the first to adopt automation, as there are so many avenues for improvement. Within the field, there are various aspects that automation simplifies and provides room for medical staff to turn their attention to more essential matters that automation cannot solve. For example, automation can take care of smaller parts of surgeries and procedures, such as incisions. At the same time, the medical staff can better focus on anesthesia and what to do after the initial incisions. Automation has also simplified the transportation of medication and supplies.

Metal Fabrication

This industry provides much of the structure for modern-day buildings, cars, and planes; without it, the world would look completely different. For a long time, this industry has thrived on operators bending and shaping metal to fit different customers’ needs. Recently, though, this industry has been a major adopter of automation. Manual press brakes limit productivity in these shops, as they are susceptible to human error and imprecision, whereas their robotic counterparts are more precise and productive. These automated machines are prevalent, and more shops will soon adopt them as they realize their production potential.

Food and Agriculture

It may seem incongruous to have automated machines working on a farm, but it is one industry that automation can easily integrate into. A significant portion of the agricultural process—planting, watering, irrigating, and harvesting—consists of simple repetitive tasks that a machine can perform when properly programmed. Robots can also easily clean, trim, and transport these products where they need to go and get them into customers’ hands. Later in this process, when restaurants produce food, automation can also streamline operations. Customers can order food online, and automated machines can then deliver the food to them, whether at home or in the restaurant itself.

These industries will continue to progress as they switch to automation and make it a part of their day-to-day operations. Soon, as technology advances even further, this automation may even replace most of the traditional workers. It has been a looming idea for many years, but it seems more real and possible now than ever before.

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