Important Tips To Consider When Kayaking in the Fall

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Important Tips To Consider When Kayaking in the Fall

For some thrill seekers, the cold weather is not enough to slow their craving for outdoor excitement. When it comes to enjoying your time in the colder rivers this season, it is about how prepared you are ahead of time. By checking out a few of these important tips to consider when kayaking in the fall, you are less likely to run into issues pursuing your favorite water sport.

Layer Up

In fall, the weather is naturally colder than in summer. That means it’s time to bring a couple of extra layers with you, preferably waterproof ones. Whether you are experienced in kayaking or not, having the appropriate gear for the chance that you fall into the water is important. To stay safe, it’s crucial to top your multi-layer fit with a life vest.

Waterproof Your Phone

When you are going out kayaking, it’s a good idea to have your phone with you and notify those you are close to about what you are doing and where you are going. Doing so gives people a reference when they have not heard from you in a while. Protecting your phone from the water is a priority when it is your only means of contacting help.

Prepare in Advance

While kayaking is a fun and relatively safe sport, it’s a good idea to know the basics if you’re a kayaking beginner. These tips are worthwhile skills that keep you steady and safe during your travels on the river. During cold weather seasons, it’s also wise to contact your local kayak rental station ahead of time to ensure they are still operating during the season.

Watersports after summer are a bit trickier to prepare yourself for. However, by using these important tips when kayaking in the fall, you’ll be able to enjoy the fun safely. Next time you are out and about in a kayak, prepare for a brisker experience as you cruise down the river.

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