I could get addicted

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We are on the precipice of football season, and it is humid and hot as it usually is this time of the year, which will make the first part of football season difficult for players and fans as well. The problem is that the heat takes me to baseball, although last week in this column I wrote about the anticipation of football season. Heat is the weather for baseball and football was meant for milder temperatures, but my problem developed because of my travels this summer.

Nashville has been rumored to be in discussion about possibly obtaining a Major League franchise. It would be through expansion or an existing team relocating to Music City. If that was to happen, then I would be a happy camper. A two-hour drive to Nashville is very doable to watch a Major League baseball game. Most of this area consists of St. Louis Cardinal fans, but it is around a five-hour drive to the gateway of the West. This past week I made a similar drive to the Peach state and saw two Atlanta Braves games, and I am getting hooked.

So far this summer I have seen a Texas Ranger game, an Oklahoma City Dodgers game, a Winnipeg Goldeye game, and now two Braves games, and sitting in a Major League park is something I could get used to. But it’s hard to make a five-hour drive or so with the frequency that I desire. The Goldeye game was only a 35-minute drive, but now they are headed back to Canada.

With all that being said, a short jaunt to Nashville to watch baseball would be right up my alley. I still spend every night watching the Braves on television, and I love the atmosphere of professional baseball. But it is rather expensive. I spent $170 for tickets to two games, and the first night I spent 30 for parking and discovered the next day I could park for free at the mall. Then throw in money for a new hat (I’m getting low on lids), and food and a night at the park adds up and decreases the size of my wallet.

But I’m old and addicted to baseball, so here’s to wishing good things happen in Nashville and hoping I get to see the Nashville Stars two hours away.

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