I certainly plan to take the COVID-19 vaccine

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Hallelujah, the vaccine is coming! The vaccine is coming!
I understand the state is set to receive approximately 56,000 doses of Pfizer’s two-doze vaccine to start off. It
was given the green light by the Food and Drug Administration to proceed with the vaccinations over the weekend.
Of course, the first ones who will receive the vaccinations will be the doctors and nurses and rightly so. The next
in line will be first responders, plus the residents and staff members of nursing homes and assisted living and long
term care living facilities.
If you are not in either one of those categories, it will probably be awhile before you will be receiving a shot in the
arm. According to reports, it could be into the spring and summer before it become widespread.
And for now, the COVID-19 is on the uprise again. Still, we have to practice social distancing, mask wearing, and
a lot of hand washing.
Thanksgiving brought about a surge of cases after many families did not heed the warning to not get together in
large groups.
The state has reported a record setting average of more than 5,800 infections and 69 deaths a day during the
past week.
In Carroll County there have been 2,234 positive cases of COVID-19 since March. There are now 331 active
cases in the county now and 39 total deaths. This is according to information on the Tenn. Dept. of Health’s
I certainly plan to have the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

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