Hydro-Gear adding jobs in Huntingdon

HAPPY EMPLOYEES – Hydro-Gear employees (from left) Justin Lease of McKenzie, Terra Ashley of Martin, Connie Jackson of Paris, Schuyler Church of Lavinia, Burton Colvette of Huntingdon, and Ashley Rimmer of Cedar Grove all say they really enjoy working at the Huntingdon facility.
NOW HIRING – Hydro-Gear of Huntingdon, located on Highway 22 South, is currently hiring for assembly operator positions.

If you’re looking for a good-paying job with generous benefits and a great work environment, you might give some thought to applying at Hydro-Gear in Huntingdon.

According to plant manager Richard Hatchett, Hydro-Gear is currently hiring at the Huntingdon facility.

“I would love to see us go up to 375 employees this year,” said Hachett, who pointed out that his plant was employing around 225 in late February.

According to Hatchett, they are mostly hiring for the position of assembly operators for three available shifts Monday through Friday with Saturday shifts being optional for those wanting more hours.

“And we don’t hire temps,” said Hatchett. “Everyone is fulltime.”

Hatchet also mentioned that these jobs come with plenty of perks, including health, dental, and vision insurance with no waiting period; 401-K plans; and weekly paychecks.

“It’s a great place to work,” said Justin Lease of McKenzie, who works at Hydro-Gear as an assistant supervisor. “It’s a great environment and family oriented.”

Located in the 84,000-square-foot spec building on Highway 22 South – a facility that had remained unoccupied for years – Hydro-Gear manufactures drive systems for the zero-turn lawnmower industry, servicing big-name companies like John Deere, MTD, Husqvarna, Bad Boy, Walker, and some other smaller American and international companies.

It was first announced that Hydro-Gear would be locating in Huntingdon in May of last year, and according to Hatchett, his company purchased the property outright and has since invested millions more in the facility and property, getting it just right for his company’s and employees’ needs.

Operations began on September 27 of last year with an initial workforce of around 50.

“To get everything transformed and up and operating in that short time is truly amazing,” said Hatchett, who pointed out that they have outfitted the facility with internal environmental control systems that keep the temperature and humidity at ideal levels.

As Hatchett pointed out, Huntingdon is the fourth and latest of Hydro-Gear’s manufacturing plants with the first plant opening 30 years ago in Princeton, Kentucky. The company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The original spec building was constructed in 2004 in a local project spearheaded by Huntingdon Mayor Dale Kelley.

Anyone interested in working at Hydro-Gear of Huntingdon can submit application through the corporate website at hydro-gear.com/careers.

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