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  • Huntingdon woman finds bullet holes in her house Shots believed to have come from shooting complex

Huntingdon woman finds bullet holes in her house Shots believed to have come from shooting complex

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A Huntingdon woman recently found what she believes to be bullet holes in her house, and she believes those
shots were fired from the nearby Carroll County Shooting Sports Complex.
According to Dianne Pritchard, who lives at 95 North Forks Creek Road, she found the bullet holes about three
weeks ago – one in the siding in the back of her house about three feet under a living room window and what
appears to be an entry and exit hole in the roof of her metal carport.
Pritchard said that before finding the bullet holes, she heard the sound of shots being fired at the shooting
complex, which has since been closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.
She also pointed out that shooting complex’s rifle range is about nine tenths of a mile from her house, and the
direction of fire is pretty much straight toward her residence.
According to Pritchard, Sgt. Brad Allen and another officer with the Huntingdon Police Department came out to
her home on April 6, examined the bullet holes, and took photos.
She said no bullets were recovered at the scene, though she added that the one under her living room window is
probably buried deep in the wall, and the one that passed through her carport roof likely traveled on into a nearby
wooded area across the street.
No report by the officers was made available to this newspaper as of press time Monday.
This, however, is not the first time Pritchard’s home has served as a backstop for bullets.
Back in the summer of 2017, a bullet passed through her bedroom window while she was sitting in her living
On that occasion, deputies with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department came out to investigate, and they found a
.223-caliber round embedded in the window sill. This kind of round is typically fired from an AR-15 assault-style
Pritchard said officers determined that the bullet was most likely fired from the shooting complex, but an incident
report was never made available to her.
She said that shortly after that incident, she talked to former Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride.
“He said they shut it down to implement safety measures,” said Pritchard. “But I don’t think they really did
Pritchard said she talked to McBride again last week, and he told her that it would be up to the administrative
board over the shooting complex to decide whether or not anything is done.
Pritchard added that she has also contacted current County Mayor Joseph Butler and a local agent with the
“I’m not trying to stir up trouble,” she said. “I just want some safety measures put in place.”
Pritchard suggested that the rifle range could be reconfigured so that shooters shoot in the opposite direction away
from her house and toward the empty fields and bottomlands on that side.
According to Pritchard, she is worried for her own safety and for the safety of family members, particularly her
grandchildren, who come over to visit.
“I’m just tired of being shot at and my house being shot up,” she Pritchard, who added that she has heard accounts
from dove hunters hunting in that area, who said that they heard bullets whizzing over their heads. “If somebody
gets shot, it’s too late.”

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