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Huntingdon to purchase $223,330.37 truck for Public Works



The Town of Huntingdon plans to purchase one tandem dump trucks for the Public Works Department. 

Town council members agreed to the purchase at the Dec. 12 meeting at a cost of $223,330.37 from the MHC Kenworth Co. of Jackson.

Public Works director Randy Crossett found in checking the availability of the trucks there are few to be found. Two dealers were unable to provide a locked price amount and could not guarantee delivery before 2024. Another dealer had a possible truck available in 2023 and gave a “not to exceed” price of $130,000.

Council members passed a resolution to enter into a master agreement with Sourcewell. This cooperative purchasing program will be used for the purchase of the fire truck and other equipment purchases in the future. It permits the town to purchase items that have already been bid out. ? 

Council members suspended the rules and voted to enter into an agreement with J.R. Wauford & Co. consulting engineers for a sewer pretreatment program for industrial users as required by the Tenn. Dept. of Environment and Conservation to protect the wastewater treatment plant. The services to be provided include industrial discharge permits, semi-annual reports, industrial inspections, calculation of pass through limits, calculation of surcharge fees, attending TDEC inspections, and NPDES permit renewal.

A resolution was approved that adopted the hazard mitigation plan for Carroll County and all its cities. The purpose of the plan is to identify specific vulnerabilities, formulate a degree of risk, and develop strategies to lessen or eliminate hazardous outcomes.

In communication from the mayor, Smothers commented  that the Dec. 10 Main Street Christmas event  and parade were well attended considering weather related changes.

She noted that the Bicentennial year of celebration is complete.

“It has been a wonderful year of events and sharing historical information,” said the mayor. “I am so thankful for the hard work of the Bicentennial Committee in planning and coordinating the events.”

She reminded council members to complete the utility board training and submit certificates to the town recorder by Dec. 31.

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