Huntingdon Schools on the way to LED lighting

Huntingdon Special School District Board of Education members agreed to move forward with Trane Investment Grade Audit for lightning upgrades at all three schools. The cost of the project is $9,095 that will be funded through utility savings.

Jim Crowe, a Trane representative, was present at the meeting.

“This will improve our learning environment,” said Director of Schools Dr. Jonathan Kee. ‘The goal is to upgrade lighting to LED in our facilities across the district.”

Crowe pointed out it will be clean and uniform.

“It will be done in the summer about July,” he said. “It can be done at night and on weekends.”

Mechanical upgrades identified in the preliminary audit will continue to be a focus in the long term capital improvement plan.

Five teachers were approved for tenure. They include: high school band director Ben Martin, third grade teacher Leah Partridge, seventh grade teacher Monica Ezell, sixth grade teacher AJ Hall and high school foreign language teacher Kathy Adams.

In order be eligible for tenure the following four qualifications must be met.

The teacher must have a degree from an approved four-year college or any career and technical teacher who has the equivalent amount of training established and is licensed by the State Board of Education, holds a valid teacher license issued by the State Board of Education, based on training covering the subjects or grades taught, ha completed a probationary period of five school years or not less than 45 months within the last seven-year period with the last tow years being employed in a regular teaching position rather than an interim teaching position and has received evaluations demonstrating an overall performance effectiveness level of “above expectations” or “significantly above expectations” as provided in the evaluation guidelines adopted by the State Board of Education, during the last two years of the probationary period.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the high school Lady Diamond Club School Support Organization application.

• Approved the Food Service surplus equipment to be donated to Waverly schools.

• Acknowledged the employment of high school educational assistant Kelly Forginer and middle school educational assistant Jacob Sisk.

• Were reminded by Kee that Feb. 17 is the deadline to file a petition for school board seats up for election.

• Set the next school board meeting for Feb. 17 at 5 p.m.

• Passed the consent agenda that approved leave of absences for Autumn Anderson for Jan. 3 – Jan. 31 and for Alicia Warabritton from Jan. 24 – May 20.

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