Huntingdon School students involved in Bicentennial projects

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During the month of March, the Huntingdon Special School District is providing a variety of activities to students to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Huntingdon and to educate our students on the rich heritage and history of our community.  

At Huntingdon High School, art students have used digital art programs to create a variety of coloring sheets with Huntingdon landmarks from the past and present. Students at Huntingdon Primary School will have the opportunity to participate in a coloring sheet contest this month selecting their preference from the variety of historic landmarks. Each sheet is accompanied by an informational text that was written by Huntingdon High School students about the featured landmark and its significance to the community.

At Huntingdon Middle School, students are focusing on the educational component of our town as teachers use informational texts to study the development and progression of the Huntingdon community.  Additionally, students will be writing about what Huntingdon means to them through writing prompts such as Where I Come From and What Huntingdon Means to Me.

Additionally, seventh through twelfth grade students have already begun working hard to create artwork for a juried art exhibition that will take place at The Dixie Academic and Enrichment Performing Arts Center Ballroom Gallery. The exhibit will be titled People and Places of the Past and Present. The exhibit opening reception will be held on May 6, with the Huntingdon themed artwork being on display through July 23, 2022. Students will have the option to have their artwork displayed at the Huntingdon Board of Education for years to come.

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